Answers to Your Questions


Dollar Clearance is a National Wholesale Supplier, distributing various non-food items to thousands of various retailers around the country. Based in California, Dollar Clearance has multiple locations around the U.S, in order to offer a fast and reliable service.

What does DOLLAR CLEARANCE mean?

By having a full time Business Analytics team, dedicated to analyze the market on a daily basis and to forecast our customer needs, we are constantly successful on having great prices available to our customers. Dollar Clearance emphasizes the fact that you can get great products at a cheap price, without waiting for closeout deals.

What businesses is DOLLAR CLEARANCE designed for?

Dollar Clearance is shaped to provide services to retailers of all sizes and kinds. We supply products to various local convenience stores, all the way to big national chains in the c-store markets.

How do i place orders?

We have a 24/7 Sales Team dedicated to answer your needs at any time. The best way to place an order is through [email protected] or to call us at +1 800 604 8481. From there we will assign you one of our experienced Sales Representatives to better help your needs in the future orders.

Is there a minimal order quantity?

Dollar Clearance has a low minimum order of $199. However, we do not place a minimum amount on products ordered as long as the minimum order price is reached.

How do we deliver the products?

We use various freight companies to deliver large amounts to our customers. Low amounts will be delivered with National Delivery companies like USPS, UPS, Fedex etc. Local business that are close to our warehouses will be handled and delivered directly from one of our delivery drivers.

Am i responsible for delivery fees?

Dollar Clearance provides no delivery fees. Our customer is only priced for the products that they order, and we take care of the shipping fees.

Does DOLLAR CLEARANCE ship internationally?

At the moment, our company only delivers in the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.